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Get Faster, Better and Stronger with your PM Time - Web Event



When you’re not in control you’re effectively ‘out-of-control’ and this causes stress and disillusionment, leading to burnout and resignation.

And this can only damage a PM Team.

A quality property management team is one that knows how to take control of their tasks and time, and complete them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

In this special web event series over 3 x 45 minute sessions (inc Q & A) over 3 weeks in October 2017 we unpack the very best time management strategies for Property Managers in the country and and take you and your team to a whole new realm of being faster, better, stronger and more effective and efficient that you ever dreamed possible when you implement these strategies, and all for $397 per team (at the same location).

  • Attend the 3 x 45 minute web event sessions live or watch the recordings later, for only $397 per team.
  • Listen to the recordings in the car between appointments.

  • Get great training material for team meetings or for training new team members so you get as much mileage as you can from your investment.

  • Get access to the very best in PM time management direct to your desk or on any device.

  • One easy Event Pass for $397 covers you and your whole team (at the same office location).


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Session #1 - (Wednesday 11th October 2017) 12 noon Sydney Time
45 minutes (inc Q & A)

How to Master your Daily Tasks and Take Control.

When you’ve got a ‘million things’ to do, you need to know; what you must do now, in five minutes time and what can wait - and then you must get them in the right order! In this session we give you the best 3 PM time management skills ever taught, allowing you to get 2-3 times more done faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. 

In this session you’ll learn:

tick green Know how to use a ‘Daily Task Manager’ to get more tasks done faster than before.

tick green Learn the best 3 time management skills ever used, to master your task control.

tick green Know 18 different ways that you can reduce and eliminate office interruptions so you can get your tasks done 2-3 times faster than before.

tick green Understanding the importance of focus to eliminate mistakes and issues that take 3-4 times more time to fix, than if they were done right the first time.

tick green How to ‘program’ yourself to become more effective and efficient with your time - even if you’re really bad at time management.


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Session #2 - (Wednesday 18th October 2017) 12 noon Sydney Time
45 minutes (inc Q & A)

Get Faster, Better and Stronger in the Office and On the Road.

In this session we equip you with top ways to become more effective and efficient in the office, but also when you’re out at appointments on the road .

In this session you’ll learn:

tick green 10 critical keys to controlling your appointments and give you total confidence.

tick green 9 top tips to keeping your work area organised and under control.

tick green 11 useful tips to becoming more effective when out of the office and on the road.

tick green 11 winning ways to get your emails done faster and more effectively than before.

tick green 5 keys to becoming more productive with your phone calls.

tick green 50 plus things you can carry in your car to save you lots of time back at the office.


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Session #3 - (Wednesday 25th October 2017) 12 noon Sydney Time
45 minutes (inc Q & A)

Dealing with Bad Business and Practices that Cause You Time Damage.

In this session we look at the things that cause you to burn your time, plus other winning ways to get faster, better and stronger with your tasks and time. 

In this session you’ll learn:

tick green 7 ways you can effectively switch off after hours so you can be at your best on the job!

tick green Top ten time saving tips to using SMS texts effectively on the job.

tick green Using auto-responders and phone message banks effectively to get control owner and tenant expectations.

tick green Seven effective ways to dealing with bad business that burns your time.

tick green How to deal with being overwhelmed, know how to deal with worry and beat procrastination once and for all!


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 What others have said:


"Actual industry experience with practical tips for growth." Gabi Everard, BDM - Kevin Hicks Real Estate. Rating: 9/10

"Every topic was helpful. I look forward to implementing what I have learnt into my day to day life." Melinda Cirillo, Property Manager - Kevin Hicks Real Estate. Rating: 10/10

"It was very personal and interactive. Being a PM himself helped when relating to us and stories." Ellie Finnigan, Property Manager - Queensland Coast Realty. Rating: 9/10

"Great advice, explained simply and clearly! Will implement a few topics to my daily routine. Continue to follow on Facebook!" Vikki Turner, Customer Service - Red Rocket Realty. Rating: 10/10

"Mindset reset." Stacey Ayton, Property Manager - Queensland Coast Realty. Rating - 9/10

"Outside of the box thinking." Charlie Killorn, Property Officer - G.L. Jackson First National Real Estate. Rating: 10/10

"It was easy to follow; it's not rocket science." Adam Wylie, Director - One Agency. Rating: 9/10

"After 30 years in real estate I feel I still took away a lot of points to put in place. Auto responders in particular, as the expectation is an instant reply which isn't always possible." Adele Woods, Senior Property Manager - Tucker Real Estate. Rating: 9/10

"Very relevant information - great strategies to apply in office to make a more productive and effective day in the office. Realising that those C-Class landlords are just completely not worth my time!" Annemarie Snowdon, Property Manager - Tucker Real Estate. Rating: 10/10

"Simple and easy to understand explanation of time management." Lynda Jung, Property Manager - Ray White Epping. Rating: 10/10

"Good useful and practical tips as well as good base philosophy that can be implemented in other areas of work and life." Daniel Mason, Director - Chapman & Frazer Real Estate. Rating: 10/10

"To the point, sense of humour. Good to have demo in point format." Jo Packham, Director - Belle Property. Rating: 8/10

"The energy that Darren hasm very informative, given me great ideas." Susan Chisholm, Property Manager - LJ Hooker Turramurra. Rating: 10/10


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