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  • Darren Hunter sowed the seeds of my success back in 2007 when I first heard him speak at the Leading Property Manager's of Australia Conference in Noosa, Queensland. Since then I have attended Darren's sessions all over the country - I simply can't afford to miss them!

    Darren's passion for property management is simply amazing and his vision to improve the industry's profile instrumental. He never fails to inspire and has been a mentor of mine for some time now.

    His depth of material is extensive and covers everything from coal-face property management, right through to Principal training on how to improve your bottom line – and guess what, it works!

    I firmly believe that my success is principally due to implementing many of Darren's ideas and systems. I highly recommend his sessions to Property Managers and Agency Principals and urge you to attend his sessions at every possible opportunity.

    Kathryn Massey

    Client Liaison Manager

    Professionals Michael Johnson & Co.

    REIWA Property Manager of the Year 2009

    REIA National Property Manager of the Year 2010

  • Last financial year we grew our portfolio size by 42%, however our revenue growth was 63.5% due to increased fees with new and current clients, thanks to the assistance of Darren's expertise.

    Jason Wright

    BDM and Co-owner

    Essential Property Management

    Gawler, SA

  • During a profitability partnership with Darren, we have considerably increased our fees and profitability successfully. Our team have also grown in confidence in attaining a new and higher level of fees, but also they have developed a profitability mindset to focussing on quality business, instead of ‘all business’.

    Glynn Busson


    Quinn Real Estate

    Canning Vale, Perth WA

  • I would like to personally thank you for a great training session the other day.

    Our staff have all learned different things which helps to expand their knowledge and professionalism in Property Management.

    It was a real eye opener that some of our procedures needed to be updated according to your latest information.

    As a principal I really enjoyed it because it seemed to me that in our private environment the training felt like it was made specifically to meet our needs.

    I would be more than happy to recommend your services to any other real estate company as you have helped our team for the last 5-6 years now and you have helped us to achieve incredible results in the efficiency of our Property Management department.

    Thanks again for a excellent seminar. Look forward to our next one.

    Jim Phillis


    Phillis Real Estate

    Adelaide, SA

  • With Darren’s fee maximisation strategies we were able to successfully add a routine inspection fee, lease renewal fee and end of financial year statement fee, as well as increase our management fees. With the total campaign results we increased our total income overall by 30%!

    David Spinks



    Killarney Vale, NSW

  • The decision to book my “Health Check” for my property management business with Darren was a big one. What with such a small rent role of 60 – was I really ready yet

    Most certainly it was the best decision I’ve made in a long while. Choosing to look at where I’ve come in my owner /operator business and where I’m going now has really inspired me in my business.

    I am courageous enough now to know my true worth as a property manager and have already implemented many of the important strategies in my business.

    Changed forever - truly valuing myself as an individual who has built a successful business!

    Amanda Kerr

    Principal/Property Manager

    Capricorn Property Management

    Perth, WA

  • We increased our total fee income by approx 25% in 8 weeks without adding any more properties or workload, using Darren's fee maximisation strategies.

    Michael and John Kemsley


    Professionals Executive Coastal

    Ocean Reef, WA

  • When we increased our fees with our current clients, out of about 200 landlords increased, we lost 4 properties, 3 of which were not considered good quality.

    But since then my staff have a strong belief they are worth our new fees and now understand the importance of strong negotiation to defend and justify our new fee structure with new business as well.

    Tennille Mugridge


    Home Specialist Property Management

  • Though our property numbers haven't had much net growth in the last 6 months, our cashflow and income has grown substantially, thanks to our fee maximisation with current clients, as well as the improved fees we get with new clients.

    Kimberley Yeeles


    Yeeles Property Management

  • I would like to thank you for assisting us, prior to getting you to come in, I thought I had a good idea on our fee structure and how it stood in regards to others, however I have worked out now that we don’t promote our quality of service enough and actually discounted quite considerably. The guidance provided has made increasing parts of our fee structure easy and all new clients have also had no issues with the adjusted fees.

    Jamie Horner


    Empire Estate Agents

    East Victoria Park, Perth WA

  • Perhaps one of Darren's most valuable assests is that he is 100% genuine... 100% of the time.

    Couple this with his ever-growing passion for Property Management and his unrelenting dedication to improving the professionalism of our industry, and you've got yourself one dynamic package!

    Darren is a 'real life' Property Manager... and he knows what it takes to get it right.

    The success I've enjoyed thus far in my career is due largely to utilizing the type of fundamental training Darren delivers...

    Do yourself, your team & your business a favour... and get your hands on a bit of Darren's wisdom right now at darrenhunter.com - you won't be disappointed!

    Katie Knight

    Property Management Director

    RE/MAX Success

    REIQ Property Manager of the Year 2010

  • Under Darren's guidance and advice, we increased our fees and overall income very successfully. The result was that our profit margin grew by another 50% overnight. Normally we would have had to grow another 50% more properties to get the same result, but it was all done with the business we already had, without rent roll growth required.

    Daren Morris


    LJ Hooker Golden Grove and LJ Hooker Salisbury

    Salisbury, SA

  • We implemented a successful fee maximisation campaign using Darren’s strategies, and in all about 700- 800 landlords had fee increases. The campaign was very successful, and we lost only a very small handful of clients. We found the process to be well worth it, and financially very rewarding.

    Howard Morley


    Auckland Property Management

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Using Darren’s profitability strategies we successfully increased and added fees with 270 properties, without any loss of business whatsoever!

    John Brandenburg


    Ray White Kalbarri

    Kalbarri WA

  • We found the process of increasing our fees successful with current clients and out of about 50 properties increased, we negotiated with about 5 owners and lost one property through the process. Further, we were able to immediately get our improved fee structure with new clients, after Darren's training.

    Regina Gray

    Rent Guru

    Beenleigh QLD

  • Using Darren Hunter’s fee maximisation strategies we effectively increased our total department income by 21.7%.

    Catherine Adams

    Office Manager

    Elders Real Estate

    Gawler, SA

  • In just a few months, using Darren’s strategies and training we were able to increase our total monthly fee income by an extra 20%, without growing our rent roll.

    Bernie Kroczek


    Bernie Kroczek Real Estate

    Mt Hawthorn, WA

  • We recently added four new fees to our overall fee structure. When we added these fees with current clients, our expectations were exceeded and we only lost a small percentage of properties, and our overall fee income increased far more than expected.

    Brian Stevens


    Excel Property Specialists

    Browns Plains, QLD

  • We have successfully increased our total fee income per property by 23%, and only lost 3 properties from 210 properties fee maximised. Best of all, we have now developed a new profitability mindset towards our rental department.

    Chris Tsokos


    Tsokos Property

    Subiaco, Perth WA

  • Hi Darren – Just wanted to thank you personally for the recent Health Check that you carried out on our Property Management Department Rent Roll.

    As the Principal & Licensee of the business, I have had little to no interest in the PM Dept for the past 4 years and have predominantly focused on the Sales Department.

    I have to say that you have opened my eyes and got me excited about the potential of the Rent Roll.

    Your 50 page Report that you prepared for us and discussed at length for 2 hours on an online phone conference following your full day visit and audit of our Department, was extremely detailed and full of awesome ideas to improve our profitability and grow our rent roll.

    Thank you also for the additional support items that you forwarded at no cost.

    I am so impressed with you Darren, I firmly believe that all Principals should invest in one of your Property Management Health Checks.

    It’s worth every penny! Thank you again.

    Karen Bryant


    Acton Mandurah

  • Darren Hunter is a powerful and inspiring property management speaker and coach.

    He provides practical advice that will improve the performance of any property management business

    John Goddard



  • We have over the last 9 months maximised our fees only to approx. 25% of our portfolio, and have increased our profit margin by an extra 45% using Darren’s training, tools and strategies.

    Steve Garsed

    Managing Director

    Collie and Tierney First National

    Mildura, VIC

  • After Darren's fee maximization training here in my office in Florida, my team haven't stopped getting better and more profitable ancillary fees since. I have been amazed at what fees we have been able to successfully charge with clients, other than my base management fee. This was a very profitable and worthwhile training session indeed!

    Todd Breen


    Home Property Management and Sales

    West Palm Beach, Florida- USA

  • Over the last 18 months Darren has worked with us in a ‘profitability partnership’. During this time, our profit margin was increased to such an extent that to get the same profit margin results by rent roll growth only, we would have had to double our property numbers. All this was done without increasing our rent roll size or workload.

    Garrick McCamey



    South Perth, WA

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