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Enjoy better and higher fees with new and current owners using our proven formula.

  • Know how to easily get all your fees consistent across your portfolio.
  • Strengthen your cashflow and peace of mind that your overheads are covered with better monthly fee income.
  • Impress any rent roll broker with consistent strong ancillary fees across the board, when it comes time to financing or selling your rent roll.
  • Enjoy the confidence of being able to charge better and higher fees with new business despite cheaper competitors down the road.
  • Rest easy with stronger cashflow and better revenue each month by knowing how to earn more with the rent roll you have right now.



Here's what happened with these rent rolls: 


This Sydney rent roll thought they were too expensive to start with!

A Sydney rent roll with approx. 1000 properties when first considering our teaching felt they were already ‘too expensive in their market’ as they had the highest management fee in the area. After consideration they added and increased some other ancillary fees. After six months of implementation they were earning between $30,000 to $40,000 EXTRA in fee income each month with same number of properties they had before. 

Don't ask this Perth rent roll to grow more properties! They're not interested!

A Perth rent roll with about 300 properties increased their fee income per property/month by an extra 27%, (more than) doubling their rent roll profit margin with the same number of properties that they had before without having to double their property numbers, overheads and workload. Today they're not focussing on growing their rent roll and workload, but instead they are focussed entirely on growing their profitability and income per property.


This New Mexico small town rent roll broke away from the pack!

A New Mexico - USA real estate agency charged the same as all the other agents in town despite their service being ten times better! (They all charged just one single management fee to their owners, and nothing else). Breaking out of this mould, they added some ancillary fees successfully for the very first time and were able to increase their average fee income per property per month by approx 20% within months of implementation (having only approached a third of their owners to pay more at that time). Within a few months they were earning an extra $8,000 per month with around the same number of properties as they had when they started.

This Florida rent roll did it at a REALLY BAD time!

During the darkest days of the GFC in Florida this rent roll agency owner said to me; "The sales agents around here used to swan around in their luxury cars. Now they're delivering pizza to my office!” The overall market was really struggling! We then went ahead and added and increased fees to their current and new owners very successfully and they're still implementing new fees today. This business owner was delighted with the results and even today actively refers us to other agency owners in the USA.


This large NZ rent roll added another $300k per year!

In 2011 one of the largest rent rolls in New Zealand with approx. 3000 properties added and increased their overall fees successfully and reported that in their first 12 months of implementation they gained an extra $300,000 in fee income over what they made in the previous 12 months, without any significant rent roll growth pumping up these fee income figures. In this case again, only a small number of clients were lost from this process and those were mostly considered 'bad business' anyway. 


In an easy-to-understand four-hour training session you and your team will learn:

  • Our formula for success with over 15 years of practice, so you get it right the first time!
  • Surprisingly effective strategies, some of which are commonly ignored by real estate business owners and property managers.
  • The common mistakes and pitfalls other agencies make, so you can avoid them the first time and attain maximum fee income success.
  • How to do it without damaging your business, and keep your clients happy.
  • A new profitability mindset that you and your team will enjoy on how to make more income and profit from the business you have right now.
  • Easy to use tools and letters that will have the most impact on your fee income and profit margin.


Five effective strategies over four hours of training is all it takes, either in-office or by Skype training!

These strategies are easy to understand, and after your training you and your team will be:

  • Motivated and ready to implement these strategies!
  • Have a plan and be equipped with the tools necessary to achieve success.
  • Know exactly what they need to do and when- so all you have to do is implement and enjoy the rewards!

In training we equip you and your team with:

  • Our training workbook with over 40 pages packed full of all our expertise and knowledge, with an easy to follow 8-step process and the five strategies in clarity and detail so you know exactly what to do.
  • Scripts and know-how in dealing with client queries and objections, so you can have greater confidence and peace of mind.
  • Justification fee scripts so you know what to say and how to respond to client objections when your fees are challenged.
  • The tools and forms that you need for maximum success, tried and tested over years of fee increase campaigns.

Click to see video regarding resources and tools as a part of our fee maximisation training.

Case study videos - fee maximisation

    -Joe from NSW was really surprised with their fee maximisation results.

    -Howard from NZ first lacked courage- but made it happen!

    -Andrew from SA is now pleased to be a quality fee charging agency now.

    -Robyn from WA discusses her surprise when she had her rent roll valued after she increased her fees.

    -Garrick from WA discusses their fee maximisation campaign results with a large regional rent roll.  

    -Tennille from the Central Coast NSW shares how her staff are more confident than ever selling higher fees.

    -Rob Edwards didn't believe getting better fees was even possible- until he purchased the rent roll down the road.

    -Tino from Virginia USA first thought they were already too expensive to raise their fees further.


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