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PM Power Nuts and Bolts Session Schedule

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Here's what we cover over the next 12 months - the sessions.

The following is a list of the delivery of the 22 sessions for 2017 in the order that they will be presented. If these change for any reason, you will receive notification by email.

Sessions will be delivered live on a Thursday at 12:00 AEST (unless otherwise specified) and will then be available for members to view online. 

All registrants who have provided their email address with receive an email reminder and link to book into each session. 

IMPORTANT- Please note that some speakers/sessions/dates may change due to factors outside of our control. Please also note that to navigate around unforseen technical difficulties to deliver sessions live, some sessions may be pre-recorded ahead (teaching content).



The Warning Signs of Bad Tenants 

(Thursday November 2nd, 12:00pm AEST)

If everyone applying for a tenancy was a great tenant there’d be no need for effective tenant selection and application processing. This session dives into the warning signs to look out for when processing applications and the subtle signs that your prospective tenants are in fact lying to you and are hiding a devious or poor tenancy past.

tick green The 9 subtle but obvious warning signs of bad tenants to look out for when meeting potential tenants at the application stage.

tick green Why your attitude will determine if you see a warning sign, or in fact miss it altogether!

tick green What to say when you check references, especially when dealing with suspected falsified references.

tick green View examples of falsified rent ledgers and identification and other useful documentation that exposes hidden poor tenant history. 


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How to Deal Effectively with Tradespeople (Repairs - Part 3)

(Thursday November 9th, 12:00pm AEST)

Tradespeople are vital partners in our success so we focus on your relationship with them and how to manage them better to ensure everyone wins.

tick green 5 big things tradespeople don’t like about working with PMs that you must know!

tick green How to effectively deal with the owner saying ‘I want three quotes please’.

tick green Ten key induction points when starting your relationship with a new tradesperson.

tick green Using a Tradesperson’s Handbook to induct your tradespeople.

tick green Hints, tips and keys that just work!


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Tenant Induction Success and Adding more Value

(Thursday November 23rd, 12:00pm AEST)

Tenant induction success goes beyond the time you spend with the tenant at sign-up. It all starts with the new tenancy confirmation once they’re approved. In this session we give you extra tips that add value to your induction to ensure that your tenant has more in-depth understanding and the right expectations from day one.

tick green How to create a comprehensive Tenant Handbook covering dozens of issues that can cause conflict.

tick green 50 plus things you can add to a new tenant gift hamper, and how to get the owner to willingly pay for the hamper cost.

tick green 10 top pet guidelines and rules to include in your lease or ‘pet lease’ agreement.

tick green How to easily create your own tenant induction video using simple software and send this to the tenant before you meet with them.


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Reaching the Top 10%- Mastering PM

(Thursday December 7th, 12:00pm AEST

The very best people in property management all have certain values and skills they have acquired that make them the top 10% of performers in the country. This session delivers the 21 skills, attributes and values you need to develop to join the prestigious ranks of success. If you do what successful PM’s do, you will achieve the success that successful PM’s enjoy, and your clients will refer you more business too!

tick green Understand how you can fast track being an expert simply using your driving time.

tick green Know the importance of goal setting and use mistakes, failure and complaints to succeed.

tick green Why your attitude is your greatest asset, and why training sets you apart from the average.

tick green Know the skills that the very best are mentored and coached with.


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Mastering your Daily Agenda (Effective Time Management - Part 1)

(Thursday January 25th, 12:00pm AEST

When you’ve got a ‘million things’ to do, you need to know; what you must do now, in five minutes time and what can wait - and then you must get them in the right order! In this session we give you the best 3 PM time management skills ever taught, allowing you to get 2-3 times more done faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

tick green How to use our ‘Daily Task Manager’ effectively for your agenda.

tick green The power of prioritising your tasks when you’ve got a million things to do.

tick green Understanding the importance of focus to eliminate mistakes and issues that take 3-4 times more time to fix, than if they were done right the first time.

tick green How to ‘program’ yourself to become more effective and efficient with your time - even if you’re really bad at it.


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Proactive Strategies - How to Avoid PM Conflict (Conflict Management - Part 1)

(Thurday February 8th, 12:00pm AEST)

A lot of conflict in property management can be avoided altogether once you understand the main causes of over 90% of it. In this session we reveal our three handbooks structure and equip you with the content pages so that you have all you need to design and write your own to educate and induct your owners, tenants and tradespeople and avoid conflict altogether.

tick green Why you need to induct and educate everyone in the PM process, to avoid issues and create right expectations.

tick green Get an in-depth look at the Property Owner’s Handbook, Tenant and Tradesperson’s Handbook, and how they can work for you.

tick green Techniques for induction and education, and even a new point of difference to impress new owners.


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The BIG Ten PM Communication Issues and Complaints (Effective Communication -

Part 1) (Thursday February 22nd, 12:00pm AEST)

Property investors have ten things they want their property managers to know. In this session we reveal what will make them happy and refer their friends - if you take notice of what they really need. We also explore the big ten complaints regarding communication that clients have about property managers and what you can do to avoid them.

tick green 10 things Property Owners and Investors want you to know.

tick green 10 BIG Complaints clients have about property managers and what you can do about it!

tick green Know what the ‘care factor’ is and how you can measure it in staff.

tick green How to ensure your personal presentation is communicating the right message.

tick green 12 different landlord types and how to effectively communicate with each of them.


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Beating Stress, PM Burnout and Staying Mentally Healthy

(Thursday March 8th, 12:00pm AEST)

Burnout is overwhelmingly the biggest reason most property managers resign, causing unsustainable industry staff turnover. This session is a must to ensure a long and fulfilled career in property management. In this empowering session you’ll learn:

tick green The 26 dangerous health side-effects of stress, and why you must reduce your stress levels.

tick green Top tips to beating procrastination, overcoming worry and becoming more content.

tick green 7 great tips to switch off after hours so you can come back re-energised for the next business day.

tick green The 19 characteristics of what the best rental departments do to keep stress levels low.


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Get Complete Time Control! (Effective Time Management - Part 2)

(Thursday March 22nd, 12:00pm AEST)

Here we equip property managers with some of the best time management tips available for everyday property management in the trenches. You won’t find this PM teaching anywhere else!

tick green 10 tips to getting more tasks done faster in the office.

tick green 10 ways to eliminate office interruptions so you can get even more done.

tick green 10 tips to being more efficient on the road.

tick green 10 tips for effective appointment control so you stay in control of your agenda.

tick green 10 tips to keeping your workspace organised and efficient, for maximum productivity.


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Overcoming Common PM Mistakes and Problems

(Thursday April 5th, 12:00pm AEST)

We learn by our own mistakes, but it's even better if we can learn from the mistakes of others. This is a good ‘all-rounder’ nuts and bolts session that everyone in PM can learn from.

tick green 13 worst habits property managers have, so you can avoid them.

tick green Top 10 biggest mistakes property managers make across the country.

tick green Using mistakes and complaints to become the very best PM agency in town.

tick green Receive a simple yet effective tool to monitor and leverage your complaints.


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The Warning Signs of Illicit Drug Production in Rental Properties

(Thursday April 19th, 12:00pm AEST)

In this session we delve into the dark underbelly world of illicit drug production at rental properties. For safety, you need to know the warning signs to watch for so you don’t unknowingly step into danger when conducting inspections.

Know the unique danger and damage issues between methamphetamine and hydroponic marijuana production in rental properties. They both cause huge damage, but one is far more deadlier than the other.

tick green The 25 warning signs that you need to be aware of when conducting inspections that could indicate that your tenant is producing illicit drugs at the property.

tick green The 13 different signs neighbours might report that drug production and/or dealing is occurring at your rental property.

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Add-Value Session (subscribers only) - The Crucial 12 Decontamination Steps of a

'Meth-Lab' Rental Property (Date to be announced)

Having a meth-lab drug bust in any rental property is a property managers worst nightmare. 

'Ice' is now so prevalent on our streets and has become the drug of choice for many. Rental properties everywhere are being illegally used to produce it. The problems and clean-up costs associated are HUGE (up to $60,000), and you can't just send in your regular cleaner. You must send in the professionals.

In this session we speak with Elias Bobrige from 'AUST Biocleaning' and go through every step required to render the property safe to rent again. This session is a MUST for every property manager.

  • Know the 12 crucial steps involved right from police contact through to the decontamination process and the final step of getting the property declared 'legally safe'.
  • Learn why some of your owners may not be covered by their Landlord Insurance Policy in the event of a 'meth-lab' clean up claim, and what you must do about it.
  • Why your tenants, their children, their visitors and even you can become sick at the rental property if the clean-up isn't done properly.


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Dealing with Difficult Owners and Avoiding Bad Business

(Thursday May 10th, 12:00pm AEST)

A major cause of burnout is the bad business that we bring into the rent roll all for the sake of ‘growth’. Avoiding bad business is all about growing a quality, profitable rent roll, one that everyone will be happy and proud to work in. It’s what you say ‘no’ to that will determine your rent roll quality success! 

tick green 10 important criteria you must consider before you bring on a new management.

tick green The 6 irrefutable criteria of a ‘c-class landlord’ and why/how you could be earning around 25% per hour of what you would be with a ‘normal’ or regular management.

tick green 8 totally wrong property types that must be avoided that PMs sign up all the time.

tick green Tips and keys to predicting bad business and stressful situations before they occur.


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Making ‘the PM Ideal Week’ Work for You! (Effective Time Management - Part 3)

(Thursday May 24th, 12:00pm AEST)

The PM offices that master time management have a secret weapon - they all use ‘the ideal week’. Here we teach you how to structure it, what makes it work and the support you need for success.

tick green Why batching your tasks gets 2-3 times more done than spreading them through your day.

tick green Know and control the threats that can stop ‘the ideal week’ dead in its tracks.

tick green Top tips to making it work for maximum success.

tick green Examples of how other offices have structured their ‘ideal week’, so you can create yours.

tick green Get equipped with a template to create your own agenda for time management control and success. 


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How to Deal Effectively with Serial Late Rent Payers! (Zero Tolerance Rent Control -

Part 1) (Date to be announced)

WARNING - these strategies work. You will get complaints from those that don't want to pay on time!

Developing the zero tolerance mindset, we deliver the very best techniques that deal with your serial late rent offenders head-on to avoid eviction and all of the associated costs and stress they bring. Either they pay on time or the tenancy changes, but do not to accept anything less. These techniques are proven to reduce your late rent list by at least 50% in a matter of weeks. 

tick green Why your level of tolerance dictates how long your late rent list will be.

tick green Top 10 keys and strategies to zero tolerance rent control that just work.

tick green Best tips, and practices that will reduce your late rent list by at least 50% in 6 weeks.


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How to NOT GET SUED in PM! Managing Risk in PM - Part 1

(Date to be announced)

We are in a litigation age when someone else is always to blame when something happens. You need to know how to identify and implement strategies to reduce your agency risk and not end up in lengthy, expensive, damaging and stressful litigation.

tick green The history of litigation, and why you’re more of a target in PM than other professions.

tick green Why lawyers target the property management industry and how you can avoid this.

tick green What is your ‘duty of care’? Understanding what legal ‘negligence’ is and what you must do to avoid it.

tick green Knowing what is misleading and deceptive conduct and how it applies to PM.

tick green Know everyday issues on the job and where you’re at risk.


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How to NOT GET SUED in PM! Managing Risk in PM - Part 2

(Date to be announced)

Following on from Part One- we know explore in detail the different parts in PM where you're likely at most risk.

tick green Understand the seriousness of 'Privacy' and how it must be protected.

tick greenKnow the everyday risks we face on the job in and out of the office.

tick greenIdentify the key areas you may be at risk right now.


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Re-active Strategies - Dealing with PM Conflict When it Occurs (Conflict Management -

Part 2) (Date to be announced)

Moving away from avoiding conflict strategies, we now focus on how to deal with conflict and issues when they occur. This session is a must for anyone who struggles with effective conflict management, or just wants to improve their skills to ‘put out fires’ quickly.  

tick green 5 easy steps to diffuse angry calls quickly and effectively.

tick green 12 proven ways to handle complaints successfully.

tick green How to handle social media complaints and respond in the right way.

tick green Knowing the different types of issues we commonly get on the job, so you can avoid them. 


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Managing Extreme PM Danger and Stay Safe!

(Date to be announced)

Dealing with the inherent dangers to property manager safety, we cover the more serious side to staying safe. Every now and again serious safety risks arise. What you do next will determine a safe outcome.  

tick green The importance of listening to your intuition and identifying well in advance the warning signs of danger.

tick green 20 top tips property managers use to stay safe and alert others when sensing or experiencing danger.

tick green Ways to get, and stay safe.


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Repairs to the Max! (Repairs - Part 1)

(Date to be announced)

Repairs can take up to 30% of a PM’s time, so you need to get it right! In this fast paced session we inject some fast strategies that’ll get quick and lasting results!

tick green 15 big mistakes PMs make when conducting repairs, so you can avoid them.

tick green Get a great list of what is an emergency repair, to give to your tenants and landlords.

tick green How to set up an effective after-hours policy so PM’s can switch off after-hours and relax.

tick green Photo time - we share dozens of photos from our repairs library with typical issues PM’s deal with all the time in a visual feast that is sure to spark some great interaction.


Missed a session? Get full access to all back recordings as a subscriber.



Using Rent Control Letters, Scripts and Tools that Work! (Zero Tolerance Rent Control -

Part 2) (Date to be announced)

WARNING-these tools are ONLY for hardened serial late rent payers!

This session focusses on using tools for effective rent control to counter your serial late rent payers. We supply you with a library of resources and tools that will convince them to pay, on time. We believe that if you’re going to send a letter, an SMS or phone someone who is constantly late in rent, your strategy MUST WORK! 

tick green Get loaded with nine effective phone scripts to get results.

tick green Get access to a suite of 12 SMS texts that will make the phone ring.

tick green Get equipped with 8 zero tolerance letters that really get the attention of your ‘serial offenders’.

tick green Access our proven ‘Christmas’ letter, ‘8 reasons why moving house is more expensive than paying rent on time’, and our famous ‘Watch the mailbox…your termination notice is coming’ letters, plus much more.


Missed a session? Get full access to all back recordings as a subscriber.




Total Communication Works! (Effective Communication - Part 2)

(Date to be announced)

In this session we get right into tips, tricks, hacks and all things that will effectively improve your communication with clients and tenants. A great nuts and bolts communication feed for property managers! 

tick green 19 ‘must-know’ email rules you need to learn and understand to become more effective.

tick green How to use auto-responders and message-banks effectively to set right expectations with owners and tenants.

tick green 15 unique and different ways to use SMS texts on the job.

tick green When and how to conduct add-value calls to delight your clients, and what you should discuss that’s highly useful to them.

tick green When to use the phone, email and SMS text for different communication situations and when to avoid them. 


Missed a session? Get full access to all back recordings as a subscriber.



Common PM Inspection Mistakes to Avoid!

(Date to be announced)

Covering all major inspection types, we deliver the mistakes to avoid and the pitfalls to navigate so you don’t have to make them too! Inspections are the main reason you leave the office, and in this session you’ll learn:

tick green Common mistakes when conducting open inspections and private viewings.

tick green Pitfalls to avoid when conducting the PCR/Ingoing/Entry, Routine and Final/Bond inspections.

tick green Issues to be aware of and avoid when outsourcing the different inspection types.


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Identifying BIG Repair Issues, Reducing Danger and Keeping Tenants Safe (Repairs -

Part 2) (Date to be announced)

Delving deeper into repairs and maintenance we deal with big issues than can cause risk and problems for PM’s and their tenants. From safety issues to potential litigation and even problems than can cause death this is a repair risk management session, we access our photo library again in this visual and interactive session.

tick green Ten big repair related risks that can cause death and severe injury to a tenant, so you can identify and avoid them

tick green How to understand the difference between issues like wood rot and termites, salt damp and water damage, using our photo library.


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