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PM Power Growth & Profit - Webinar Series

Comprehensive and in-depth business development expertise delivered directly to you on any device so you can grow your rent roll numbers, cashflow, profit margin and asset value in an easy and convenient way.

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• You and your team can get access on any device, no matter where you're located.


• Attend the sessions live, or watch the recordings afterwards.


• Pick and choose what you and your team want to attend as a group, or individually.


• Join at anytime and get access to back recordings.


• Great for team training/meeting content.


• 22 x 45-60 minute PM training sessions every 12 months, plus 'add-value' sessions included as well.


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What type of Business Development content can you expect?

  • Be exposed to cutting edge rent roll growth strategies that are working right now!

  • Enjoy better and higher PM fees with new business, despite cheaper competitors.

  • Overcome common fee discount requests with scripts and strategies that really work.

  • Expand your profit margin by increasing and adding fees successfully with current clients.

  • Learn how to use Facebook effectively to grow your brand and business and attract warm leads.

  • Maximise the value of your rent roll and learn the ten factors that influence what it is worth on the market.

  • Discover some of the best points of difference that agencies are using NOW to win new business with full fees.

  • Learn from national and international rent roll growth experts and trainers.


We’ve put together a webinar series that not only plugs you into some of the best and most effective teaching so you can grow your rent roll numbers, profit margin and business value, but also we’re connecting you with some of the best rent roll growth experts on the planet and all for one easy monthly price! You and your team can access any session direct to your desk on any device.




Get our 'Growth and Profit' Audio MP3 Pack worth $794- FREE!

When you subscribe on/or before  the end of July 2017 to 'PM Power- Growth and Profit series (only), you will be emailed our MP3 pack download link (30 days after subscription).

Over 7 hours of our very best growth and profit live seminar teaching-

  • Win the Business Everytime- Effective listing presentation technique so you can win the business AND your fees.
  • 35 Ways to Stand Out and Win- a comprehensive library of over 35 points of difference, so you can choose 2-3 to stand out, win the business AND your fees!
  • Justify Your Fees- Effective fee scripts for every type of fee you'll likley be challenged on by new and current owners.
  • Ten Things Investor Clients Want Property Managers to Know- when you know what your clients really care about, will you gain maximium customer satisfaction and be referred to their friends as well!
  • Overcome Discounting- Beat every major fee discount request an owner is likely to throw at you!
  • Eight Effective Ways to Get Better Fees- How to get higher and better fees with new business despite cheaper competitors down the road.

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What can you expect from this webinar series?


tick green Quick and easy sessions - Gain access to 22 x 45-minute (maximum inc. Q & A) training webinars over 12 months direct to your device, laptop or desktop computer.
tick green Specialist hot business development and growth topics- for anyone working in property management.

tick greenGreat training material for meetings - you no longer have a problem trying to find good training content for your meetings as you can now just play a recording! Just cherry pick what you need and use it!


tick greenListen and learn on the go - listen to the recordings in the car on your phone or when you're out and about, and train while you commute.

tick greenEasy low price - paying just $149 per month for everyone on your team to share is great value and easy to fit into your budget (12 month minimum commitment). 
tick greenWant to join both webinar series including our PM Power Nuts & Bolts? You pay even less when you join our PM Power Nuts & Bolts and PM Power Growth & Profit Webinar series together. If you join both series, you pay only $199 per month per team in total (save $50 per month)!
tick green Get great savings - this series is valued at $3,278 over 12 months.  Pay $149 per month (a minimum 12 month commitment for $1,788) and save $1,490 off the full value!
tick green Get the recordings after the sessions - If you can’t make a webinar at the specified time, you will have access to the webinar recording to watch at your convenience. 
tick green All of your staff can access for one membership price - One membership gives everyone in the same office/location access to the webinar, giving great savings and efficient use of staff time without having to travel to training.
tick greenWe are NOT recruiters - our main focus is training your people. You can be confident and trust that your team are being trained by a company not involved with or focussed also on the recruitment of property managers.
tick green Cherry-pick what you need - we understand different sessions will be relevant to different staff according to their needs and experience. You pick and choose what’s right for you and your team.
tick green Who is it for? - Anyone who works in property management that is involved in the leadership, growth and marketing of the rent roll including principals/business owners, BDM’s, Senior Property Managers and Property Managers.
tick greenWhen is it? - Two webinar sessions are scheduled for each month, with one for December and January each (a minimum of 22 webinar sessions annually).
tick greenCan you join at any time? - Yes! Our presentation of topics allows for any agency to join at any time.  You will always have at least 12 months of webinars ahead of you when you join.
tick green Guest Presenters - we will have several guest presenters that will be joining us throughout the series.


No fuss- 100% 30-day money-back guarantee


Join the program today and try it out for a full 30 days. If at the end of that time you’re not convinced that it’s value for money, for whatever reason, just ask and we’ll refund your subscription immediately - AND you get to keep the recordings from those session(s)!



I want to join NOW for $149 per month.

I understand that in joining the webinar series, I get access to the program series for just $149.00 per month (Minimum 12-month commitment). 


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I want to join now to BOTH webinar series - PM Power Nuts & Bolts AND PM Power Growth & Profit for $199 per month.

I understand that in joining BOTH webinar series, I get access to the program series for just $199.00 per month (a saving of $50 per month) (Minimum 12-month commitment).


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Darren Hunter- Main Presenter  and Host

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Darren Hunter is a national property management trainer and consultant and has delivered nuts and bolts property management training to thousands of property managers over Australia, New Zealand and the United States in training seminars and conferences.

Having been on the ‘frontline’ himself for 15 years starting in 1989 as a Property Inspector, Property Manager, Senior Property Manager and also State Property Manager responsible for 28 property managers over 18 offices in SA/NT, VIC and NSW and overseeing 16 rent roll acquisitions, Darren is well-qualified to deliver specialist property management training.

90% of property managers who attend Darren’s own seminars and events rate him 10/10.