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Winning with Points of Difference!

When it comes to winning new business, you only have to get over the line by a small margin to impress the prospective client and win the management - keeping cheaper competitors poor! 

And when you win the management by becoming their first choice, you are likely to keep their business for years!

But come in second and you get nothing!

The great news is that you only need a few points of difference to stand out and win the business, and in this unique seminar we will present a smorgasbord of over 30 effective and successful points of difference to choose from, used by other agencies from all around Australia, so you can walk away with the business and win your fees!

In this fast paced 3-hour session you will learn:

  • Over 30 points of difference that companies are using right now to stand out, impress and win new business.
  • Be exposed to points of difference with using online and video technology, marketing, photography, handbooks, fee packages, using procedures and easy to access stats, third party service providers plus much much more!
  • Why discounting is the most expensive point of difference of all, costing up to $1000 per property to use (we will show you the numbers)!
  • Know the big three things that owners really only care about when listing new business.
  • How simple things promoted the right way make you stand out over competitors who have the same, but say or do nothing!
  • Understand how points of difference give you more confidence and in turn lower discount requests.
  • How you can bullet-proof your difference and make it hard for competitors to copy!
  • Get equipped with effective scripts that you can use right now!

What others have said about this seminar:

"Very clear and descriptive" Tony Youssef, Property Manager - Clark Estate Agents. Rated 10/10.

"Provided information that is practical and useable" Kim Purser, Office Manager -  Dunsheas United Realty. Rated 10/10.

"Interesting examples/Easy to understand" Jane Ruan, Property Manager - Savills Chinatown. Rated 10/10.

"The variety of points of difference provided" Adam Freitas, Business Development Manage - Raine & Horne Newtown. Rated 10/10.

"Loved it- nothing to add" Bruna Romano, Property Management Department Head - Raine & Horne Newtown. Rated 10/10.

"There are more things that you can stand out other than discounting. We can do a lot more." Jessica Liu, Property Manager - Savills Chinatown. Rated 10/10.

"New information I can use and implement" Martin Connelly, Director - Dunsheas United Realty. Rated 9/10.


Session duration- 3 hours

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Since 2005 darrenhunter.com training has impacted property management professionals right across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
Our training packages represent the very best in property management practice and is delivered by a true and passionate property management professional who makes no apologies in driving home the message that property management can never be treated as second best in any real estate company.
After 20 years Darren is still involved in frontline property management and is in touch with today's ever changing residential property management industry.
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