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Mastering Effective Communication

The way you communicate in property management completely determines your effectiveness as a professional, determines the level of client satisfaction you will have and in turn, how much referral business your company will receive.

In this 3-hour session written just for residential property management, you will learn:

  • Ten key reasons why you must care about your landlord clients and understanding what is most important to them.
  • Knowing what the 'care-factor' is, and how it can be measured.
  • Top ten communication complaints by landlord clients and what you can do about it.
  • Understanding twelve different landlord types in your business.
  • Understanding what causes 95% of conflict and what you can do to minimise and avoid conflict from the onset.
  • Rules for dealing with and neutralising complaints to a satisfactory outcome.
  • Fifteen different ways to use SMS effectively on the job.
  • Rules for using email, and when email should not be used.
  • Using the power of expectation, induction and education for success.
  • How to use video as an effective communication tool for complex issues.
  • Using your website as an effective communication tool and not just as a ‘business card’ on-line!
  • How and why you need to elevate your communication with crisis and problems.
  • Using auto-responders and message banks more effectively.
  • The power of using perception for communication and time control.
  • Why your personal presentation can better or hinder the way you interact.
  • Reduce the issue of ‘phone tag’ and communicate more efficiently.
  • What to say with good news calls to delight your clients.

What others have said about this event:

"Very clear and used good examples to get the point across." Anneka Geddes - Property Manager, Mark Hay Realty Group. 10/10

"The delivery, the detailed information, the enthusiasm and passion for the industry itself." Shawna Atkins - Department Manager, Macro Realty. 10/10

"Darren's delivery is really great and easy to follow." Whitley Gilbert - EA+HR, Macro Realty 9/10

"Content was helpful and informative. Darren is great at making you see communication from the side of the landlord or tenant." Melissa Heelan - Senior Property Manager, JMW Real Estate 10/10

"Darren touched on each topic that is so relevant to PM today. He spoke clearly and is very easy to understand. His experience and passion is very evident in this presentation." Alyce Sutton - Property Manager, M Residential 10/10

"Very informative, great speaker, easy to listen to, covered a lot of topics and gives excellent advice on how to handle everyday situations in property management." Tracey Seeber - Property Manager, Professionals Granger Clark 9/10

"The points were clear and Darren's experience really helped him convey the information to us." Lauren Merzauk - Property Manager, Professionals Granger Clark 9/10

"Good content. All can be applied to everyday property management." Jess Briotti - Property Manager, LJ Hooker Victoria Park 9/10

"Kept the session entertaining and easy to follow." Emily Roberts - Property Manager, M Residential 10/10

"Examples and the way it was broken down make each section easy to follow." Lana Rivett - Property Manager, M Residential 9/10

"All relevant topics, useful information that can be taken back to the office and implemented." Lisa Cassidy - Senior Property Manager, Pulse Realty 10/10

"Great tips all around - especially with how to deal with landlords and tenants." Michelle Cain - Property Consultant, Ja Cain Real Estate. 10/10

"Didn't drag. Information very relevant and informative. Feeling motivated again." Kate Ostle - Property Manager, Wodonga Real Estate. 10/10

"AMAZING★★★★★" Manish Teji - Senior Property Manager, Motion Property. 10/10

"Session was engaging and motivating. I learnt new ways to properly manage and verified other items I already know." Leanne Devlin - Property Management Department Manager, Hodges Chelsea. 10/10

"Best session I've been to for Property Management. It was practical and usable." Bryan Cain - Owner, Ja Cain Real Estate. 10/10

"Easy to listen to, clear and relevant." Jodie White - Property Manager, Property Central Toukley. 9/10

"Very clear, real word, issues and examples of how to fix. Very helpful." Emma Hill - Repairs and Maintenance Manager, Bathurst Real Estate. 9/10

"Today was great! Lots of great ideas to take back to the office and implement." Tyler Borowiec - Junior Property Manager, East Maitland PRD. 10/10

"Trainer was easy to listen to and connect to and the information provided  was very useful." Sarah Harding - Property Manager, Right Choice Real Estate. 9/10

"Very easy to follow, very informative and relevant." Chelsea Strong - Leasing Agent, Bathurst Real Estate. 10/10


Session duration- 3 hours

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Since 2005 darrenhunter.com training has impacted property management professionals right across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
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After 20 years Darren is still involved in frontline property management and is in touch with today's ever changing residential property management industry.
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