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Winning Scripts That Really Work

Your ability to win new business at full fees relies a lot on overcoming common fee objections, the ability to justify your fees when challenged and also how to be equipped with effective points of difference and stand out from the pack.

Get ready to be armed with the best scripts that cover all the bigproperty management fee objections, great scripts and know-how to justify your feesand learn effective points of difference that really matter to your prospective client.

• Know how to keep cheaper competitors poor.

• Learn how to win full fees with enthusiasm and confidence.

• Understand how to compete on service and not on fees.

In this 3-hour event you will learn:
How to effectively overcome common new business fee objections such as:

• "If you can match the management fee of the other agent down the road, we will sign with you."

• "The other agent will do it for X%!"

• "Your fees are too high!"

• "But the other agent will give a discount, why can't you?"

• "But it’s only a 1% discount on your management fee?"

• "But the other agent doesn't charge those fees, why do you?"

• "But the other agent will do all that for X% all-inclusive fee, with no other fees!"

How to easily justify these fees with new and current clients:

• The Management and Letting Fee

• The Internet Marketing Fee

• The Ingoing/PCR Fee

• The Vacate/Bond Inspection Fee

• The Routine Inspection Fee

• The Lease Renewal Fee

• The Monthly Admin Fee

• The Annual Statement Fee

• Outside of Normal Duties Fee

• The Renovation Fee

• How to get quality hourly rates for Tribunal/Court Attendance and Insurance Claims

Plus how to charge and justify a Repairs and Maintenance Fee of up to 10% (of all repairs charged)


Know the three hot buttons that switch on your prospective client:
When it comes to most of your prospective clients they really only care about three main things. Adding and tailoring points of difference to these three ‘hot buttons’ will make you stand out and reduce (if not eliminate) fee discount requests so you can walk away with the business AND your full fees.


What others have said about this seminar:
"Relates to property management day-to-day situations" Michelle Osmond- Property Manager Maxpro. Rated 10/10.
"Very relevant material" Alex Meneghello, Property Consultant- Pure Leasing Central. Rated 9-10/10.
"Fantastic, Informative!" Tracy Tomkinson, Property Manager- Sanctuary Real Estate. Rated 10/10.
"Clear, easy to follow" Daniel Carruthers, Property Manager- Logiudile Property Group. Rated 10/10
"To the point! Easy to transfer to everyday use in office" Georgina Johnston, Senior Property Manager- One Residential. Rated 10/10
"Thorough Presentation" Robert Harris, Senior Property Manager- Pure Leasing. Rated 10/10
"Very educational, great learning tips" Laura Wardan, Property Manager- Raine and Horne Gladstone Park. Rated 10/10
"Clear and well spoken" Sergio Angilletta, BDM- Hudson Bond Real Estate. Rated 10/10
"Great Seminar! Everything discussed was what we were after!" Leisha Devlin, Property Manager- Finning First National. Rated 10/10
"New way of thinking about bringing in new business" Sarah Evans, Property Manager- Finning First National. Rated 10/10
"Overall presentation was easy to understand and to apply in everyday property management." Stacey Kelegouris, Property Manager- Barry Plant Preston. Rated 10/10
"Clear, concise discussion- great examples!" Philippa Cheyne, Department Head, Metropole. Rated 9/10

Session duration- 3 hours

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Since 2005 darrenhunter.com training has impacted property management professionals right across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
Our training packages represent the very best in property management practice and is delivered by a true and passionate property management professional who makes no apologies in driving home the message that property management can never be treated as second best in any real estate company.
After 20 years Darren is still involved in frontline property management and is in touch with today's ever changing residential property management industry.
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