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Mastering Conflict Management

Giving thorough coverage to some of the most difficult factors of property management, we equip property managers with effective and proven strategies to avoid conflict and if it happens and how to deal with it effectively. Property managers will be able to enjoy their roles better, experience lower stress levels and lengthen the life span of the job by applying these proven strategies.

  • Understanding different types of complaints and what causes them.

  • The twelve different landlord types and how to manage right expectations for each.

  • How to deal with wrong and in-different expectations that create conflict.

  • Twelve proven ways to the correct handling of complaints.

  • How to deal effectively with difficult and ‘c-class’ landlords, and understand how much they really cost to manage.

  • How to handle social media complaints correctly.

  • 5 easy keys to diffuse 'angry calls' quickly.

  • 13 real reasons why landlord clients leave the rent roll.

  • The importance of making file notes.

  • How to create an effective complaints register to ensure the same complaint ever occurs again.

  • Ten keys to reducing rent arrears.

  • Using the Property Owner's and Tenant Handbooks effectively to educate and induct on right expectations upfront.

  • Ten induction points for tradespeople.

  • How to use video and screen recording technology to reduce conflict.


Session duration- 3 hours

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Since 2005 darrenhunter.com training has impacted property management professionals right across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
Our training packages represent the very best in property management practice and is delivered by a true and passionate property management professional who makes no apologies in driving home the message that property management can never be treated as second best in any real estate company.
After 20 years Darren is still involved in frontline property management and is in touch with today's ever changing residential property management industry.
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