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Managing Repairs and Tradespeople

Covering thoroughly the repairs and maintenance side of property management, this in-depth session taps again into our photo library to encourage some great open forum discussion. Looking at also the very human side of repairs, property managers are taught to understand these factors to minimise risk and achieve a satisfactory outcome for all involved in the process.

  • Understand legal obligations, and the importance of repairs and maintenance
  • Best practice with repairs, maintenance and dealing with tradespeople
  • Developing a maintenance program in understanding item lifespans

Session duration- 3 hours

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Since 2005 darrenhunter.com training has impacted property management professionals right across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Our training packages represent the very best in property management practice and is delivered by a true and passionate property management professional who makes no apologies in driving home the message that property management can never be treated as second best in any real estate company.

After 20 years Darren is still involved in frontline property management and is in touch with today's ever changing residential property management industry.

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