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Profitability Partnerships- we get paid on performance only!


We can teach you to earn more from your rent through five key proven strategies, and assist you to maximise your fee income, boost cashflow and profit.

Are you interested in working alongside us over an extended period of time to roll out your strategies and give you a greater chance of success and effectiveness?

We are so confident that our training and process works, we are happy to not get paid until you get results!

We call this a 'profitability partnership'.

Click here for our team training program.

Here's what an agency had to say:

Get the extra advantage of a property management coach, trainer and mentor over your journey. 

This offers you an excellent solution where we 'lead from the front, and drive from the rear' adding a motivation and accountability into your income maximisation equation.

And then you get 'add-value' services.

We also offer the opportunity of other training/consultancy services being made available after the income/profitability strategies are complete.

These are funded from the extra income results generated from the profitability strategies already implemented.

Funded from the extra income results!

By negotiation, this could involve:

  • Access to our PM Power- Nuts & Bolts 22 session Property Management Webinar series (total value $2,178).
  • Access to our PM Power- Growth & Profit 22 session Business Development Webinar series (total value $3,278).
  • Facebook Marketing strategies.
  • PM Team Training and Consultancy (Skype Based).
  • Email, phone and skype support.

We make this a 'win-win' for everyone!

Profitability partnerships are available on a limited basis (depending also on your rent roll size and location).


Win better fees with new clients

How you can get better and higher fees with current owners- step-by-step

Case study videos - fee maximisation

    -Joe from NSW was really surprised with their fee maximisation results.

    -Howard from NZ first lacked courage- but made it happen!

    -Andrew from SA is now pleased to be a quality fee charging agency now.

    -Robyn from WA discusses her surprise when she had her rent roll valued after she increased her fees.

    -Garrick from WA discusses their fee maximisation campaign results with a large regional rent roll.  

    -Tennille from the Central Coast NSW shares how her staff are more confident than ever selling higher fees.

    -Tino from Virginia USA first thought they were already too expensive to raise their fees further.

Request a Profitability Partnership Discussion
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This service is only available to selected companies and is subject to a minimum rent roll size and location - available to rent rolls over Australia and New Zealand only.




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