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 Conference Speaking- we can impact your PM people!



Speaking to Business Owners, BDM's and Property Managers at our national seminar series 'Geared for Growth' in March 2017.


Speaking at the Leading Property Managers of Australia Conference on the Gold Coast.




Speaking to real estate business owners and property managers in San Antonio, Texas- USA in November 2015, on how to get better fees.

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Speaking to Business Owners in Washington DC, Virginia- USA in February 2017 on how to get better fees with new and current business.


We can deliver the message you want at your conference!
We can tailor the below presentations to your required time segment using one or more of the following topics, OR let us know what you've got in mind.
We've got over 100 hours of presentation content we can pull and tailor to whatever your time frame..
A few suggestions are (but not limited to):
  • Survive, Thrive and Avoid the Mental Asylum (stress management for Property Managers).
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Property Managers.
  • Ten Winning Scripts, Techniques and Strategies to beat Common Fee Discount Requests.
  • Effective Communication Strategies for Property Managers.
  • Ten Things Investor Clients Want Property Managers to Know.
  • How to Make More Money and Profit from Your Rent Roll (business owners and managers).
  • How to Get Better and Higher Fees with New Business.
  • DOMINATE Your Market Using Facebook Marketing.

Or let us know what you'd like that is Property Management focussed to business owners and/or property managers. 

Is a topic you are after not listed?
Call Darren on 0403 379 924 to see if we can tailor something to suit. 
Click Here for information on all of our training sessions suitable for seminars and workshops.


What conference attendees have said about Darren...

"Another good presenter, lots of ideas to implement when I get back!"

"What a passionate man! Great information, great ideas!"

"Great passion!"


"Clear, strong message from a passionate property management advocate!"

"Fantastic - obviously full of passion and happy to give!"

"Wanted more! Should have been longer!"



"I saw you at ARPM some years ago in 2004 - you have improved 100%‚ your presentation was super!"

"Very energetic and motivating!"

"Spot on!"

"Very good points of interest!"

"Good energy and information!"


"Enthusiastic presenter!"

"Darren is always so passionate because he talks from the heart, is relevant in content and varies his tone of voice to retain our attention"

"Always good and new ideas"

"Well done Darren – Great presentation!"


"Delivered really well, great content!"

"Darren just gets better and better. Always something new!"

"Great, relevant and we should all take this on board"

"Thanks Darren true expert – great stuff!"

"Can we lend him for a year."

"As always Darren is interesting, easy enough to see that things can be implemented."

"Good food for thought – practical and not overwhelming"

"Very good, a lot of great ideas!"

"Highly valuable – Thank you!"

"Always good content!"

"This man’s content still amazes – always up to date information!"

"This is definitely a major weakness, Darren you’ve reminded me to pull something outta something else to prioritise this to happen.Very good!"

"Very informative and entertaining!"

"Great as always!"

"Super relevant content!"

"Fantastic such a good speaker!"

"Pretty interesting. Entertaining!"

"Always a good presentation. Thanks!"

"Thank you Darren for presenting us with some useful information"

"Excellent thanks for your ideas!"

"Fantastic – Can you be my mentor Darren?"

"Fun, fast paced and great info. Always get something from Darren!"

"He is truly the expert!"

"Delivery excellent content and motivation!"

"Bloody great – really really good – great info!"

"The “Best” presenter with so much info!"


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